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Swan Lake Tutorial

Swan Lake Tutorial

This soft pastel tutorial takes you through the steps to create your own version of this Swan Lake painting

3 parts

Length approx 100 minutes

Skill level intermediate

  • More Info

    The painting was done on pastelmat paper  24 x 30 cm using mostly Unison soft pastels. The reference is Julie's own so there is no copyright issue

  • Materials & Equipment required

    This 100 minute tutorial takes you step by step through creating this lovely swan water scene in soft pastels. It was created on 24 x 32 cm Clairfontaine pastelmat paper but any paper with a reasonable 'tooth' will do. 

    What it covers

    Creating distance and depth

    Painting water



    Creating shape in a white object

    Mark making to create foreground and distance

    You will need the following:

    Black hard pastel or pencil for beak details

    Blending tools e.g. soft eye shadow sponge applicators, cotton buds, pan pastel tools

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