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Kate's Gate Soft Pastel Paint-a-Long Tutorial

Kate's Gate Soft Pastel Paint-a-Long Tutorial

This lovely garden gate belongs to fellow artist Kate Gabriel who lives in Norfolk. She has painted it in oils several times. It invites you to discover what is behind it.


This 2 hour video takes you step by step to build the layers from dark to light and cool to warm to create this complex garden scene with it's intricate patches of shadow and sun, leaves and flowers. 

Video 1 takes you through the colour selection process and rationale behind the choices

Video 2 takes you through the gradual building up of layers to the fine detail at the end along with the colour choices made on the go and the rationale.

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    You will receive a clickable pdf file when you purchase. The links in the pdf will take you to the 2 videos on youtube and also a link to the reference photo.  The colour choices are discussed in video 1. I painted on pastelmat paper but ideally any pastel paper that has a good tooth and takes layers will work.  If you use the 'wet technique' please ensure that your paper can take it. Find out more here at Jacksons Art on pastel paper

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