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Finding Flow

Artist. Creator. Visionary.

Since starting my art journey I have been trying to find my flow, my style, what brings me joy and I think I am getting there

Inspirational Holidays

I have recently returned from a week tutoring on a painting holiday in Tuscany. The company is called Flavours and they have many, many fantastic reviews. People refer to the Flavours Magic but what is that exactly?

They run holidays in cookery, painting, Pilates among others in Italy, Spain and Morocco. They have been established for twenty years and it’s a simple concept with complex organisation and logistics.

Personally, I believe that the amazing food, wine, scenery and care is merely a background to the most important part of the equation…connection.

Since lockdown, we seem to have become a little more isolated, a little less sociable and a little less courageous. Even the workplace which was once the bed rock of making life long friends has become fragmented with working from home options and zoom meetings.

In Mazlows hierarchy of needs love and belonging is central. Part of this is the fact that we are energetic beings. We function on electrical impulses, and waves of communication energy we can nether see or explain.

The Heartmath Institute in California has a wealth of evidence demonstrating that our heart is an emotional brain that responds before our actual brain has a chance to process the information. We have an energetic heart force that surrounds us and communicates a frequency something like 12 metres wide. Consider sensing an atmosphere after an argument or feeling an undercurrent of threat. These are our other senses over and above our basic 5. We are sensitive beings and respond to the nuances of others physically. Evidence shows that physical contact such as a hug has powerful benefits for us. We flourish in the physical company of others.

So how does this relate to the holiday? Flavours excel in solo activity holidays which give individual travellers the opportunity to spend time indulging in an activity they enjoy. It brings together complete strangers and creates the perfect environment for people to relax, have fun and build a sense of community. These holidays encompass all of Mazlows hierarchy of needs. It’s no wonder they inspire joyous feedback.

When creating and interacting with others we receive praise and connection. Even if initially shy, the opportunity to be immersed in an activity reduces the pressure to interact socially until one is is comfortable. Gradually the group becomes more cohesive through their shared experience.

I have seen this wonderful phenomenon of the growth of trust and community in my art groups and classes. Last week I witnessed a whole group of people bond and belly laugh over shared interests. I saw the sparkle return to bereaved partners and watched as first time solo travellers overcame their fear and discovered new friends. For several it was their first ever solo holiday and they arrived fearful and unsure. For the brave however, there is the reward of laughter, happy memories and new holidays to look forward to. We will all be back.

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