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Julie Ford 

My mission is to spread the joy! To share uplifting moments with others through my work and my soft pastel workshops. ​I returned to my art in my late 50's, having turned down a place at art college as a teenager.  In 2021 I took redundancy from a 30 year corporate career to follow my passion.  My original artwork is available to purchase.  With a background in mental health therapy,  I am passionate about introducing the benefits of creativity to people who consider themselves - non artists.

I am an alumni of the Milan Art Institute Mastery Programme and I have studied with many of my art hero's so I have a wealth of knowledge to share. 


Julie Swan Art & The Soft Pastel Club

I was previously known as Julie Walsh but following my wedding in April 2023 I renamed my art business, Julie Swan Art to Julie Ford Art. I also merged The Soft Pastel Club into one website.

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